World’s first NFT linked to COVID-19 cases

Written By Simon Mwebaze

There is a change in the NFT winds from an unlikely catastrophe.

COVID-19 affected the whole world. What if there was a way to remember and get value out of this historic event? There is.

Covheads is a new project of 10,000 NFTs on OpenSea. Each NFT’s valuation is tied to real-time data. The catch is that the NFT value will increase as COVID-19 cases decrease.

The data for calculating the value will be sourced from COVID-19 Data Repository by the Centre for Systems Science and Engineering. Using the data, each COVID-19 case will receive an ETH price valuation. Each NFT is based on a cartoon depiction of Covid in a human-like form. The cartoon has twelve protein spikes around the head plus unique clothing and jewelry.

Covhead holders have a historic token with a transparent price and long-term value. Soon, holders will also receive a 3D NFT. There are also plans of implementing the NFT into some metaverse projects.

“The Covid-19 pandemic will be etched into our memories in years to come so why not have a token that represents this historical event?” said the project’s founder, Brett.

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