Ukraine Honors Elon Musk with Special NFT

Written By Simon Mwebaze

When some people think of Iron Man in real life, their minds drift to Elon Musk.

And why people love Iron Man? Because he works to defeat villains and rescue those in distress.

Since Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Elon Musk has been one of the biggest heroes that’s stepped up to the plate.

When Russian attacks disrupted internet connectivity, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s minister of Digital Transformation, asked Musk to help. Musk responded with more than 1,000 SpaceX Starlink terminals, plus free charging for Tesla and other EV owners fleeing the country. He also provided Tesla Powerwalls to Ukraine for ambulant clinics. The clinics in Irpin and Borodyanka provide ambulatory care or outpatient medical services. The services include doctor consultations, treatment, intervention, and rehabilitation.

To show gratitude, the “MetaHistory: Museum of War” – created by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine – created a special NFT dedicated to Elon Musk.

During this turbulent time for Ukraine, all the help given is helpful. Like Federov said, “Some things are beyond money like sincere help.”

We agree. We appreciate what Musk is doing to aid Ukrainians. Just like an IRL Iron Man!

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