UnicornDAO commits $4.5M to empower Women and LGBTQ NFT Creators

Written By Simon Mwebaze

When you first hear of NFTs, your first impression is it’s a boy’s club. But more female and other minority-group-led projects making their marks. This has brought more investment toward empowering and strengthening minority groups.

UnicornDAO has raised capital toward the cause of women and LGBTZ NFT creators. The DAO has raised $4.5 million. So far, they have invested $1.4 million in NFT art from underrepresented groups.

Who is behind this awesome project? Nadya Tolokonnikova. She is a social activist and founding member of the Russian art collective Pussy Riot.

Nadia has over a decade of experience in the art world. She was involved with the UkraineDAO which raised $6.75 million from selling a Ukrainian flag NFT. The proceeds went toward helping Ukraine’s war efforts against Russia in March.

You may think this mammoth task may be a huge task for one person. You are right. Nadia has several lucrative partners working with her on this project. They include musicians Sia and Grimes and NFT personalities Beeple and Gary Vaynerchuk. There is also the World of Women and Moonbirds NFT collections, MoonPay, Polygon, and Yuga Labs.

The DAO members will offer their time and capital toward making the DAO’s vision a reality.

We love seeing projects catering to minorities in the blockchain.

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