Valdé Beauty Hosts NFT Party in Decentraland

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Season 1, Episode 6: Valdé Beauty - The KAC Rewind

Tune in to hear the touching story of Margarita Arriagada, the CEO of Valdé Beauty, the famous luxury lipstick brand and former Chief Merchant of Sephora. She touches on her struggles with finding courage, her rise to Sephora, her bond with her mother and how she plans to add a new dynamic to the crypto/NFT world. We were so grateful to have her!

Margarita Arriagada (@valdebeauty), CEO of Valdé Beauty

Hosted by:
Kelly Ann Collins (@itskac), CEO at Vult Lab and Partner at Meta Art

Moderated by:
Meta Art (@inthemetaart)

Originally aired January 27, 2022, on Twitter Spaces. For more information about Web3, and to join Kelly Ann Collin’s live shows, be sure to follow along on Twitter via @itskac.

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