‘Fearless Girl’ Makes NFT Debut on OpenSea

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Women face many challenges while navigating their way through the world – unequal work and education opportunities, harassment, and more.

That’s why we are delighted every time we see an initiative that’s raising awareness and working toward solutions for these challenges.

In 2017, on International Women’s Day, Kristen Visbal unveiled the iconic Fearless Girl bronze statue on Wall Street. It depicts a determined young girl with her hands on her hips while staring at the sky. In May, it will make its debut in NFTs.

In collaboration with digital art house 9ifx.net, Visbal has released 226 NFTs on OpenSea. Entitled, Superstar Drop: Free Fearless Girl, the NFTs include a single copy of a micro movie, paired with the first private placement of a full-sized Fearless Girl statue. Superstar Drop: Free Fearless Girl has three tiers of limited-edition collectibles. They depict the figure as a universal being who evolves from celestial matter. Tier two will drop first. Later in the month, tiers one and three will follow.

What makes this collection great? Its owners receive a little piece of Fearless Girl as moving art. This symbol for gender equality in the workplace can be with you wherever you go.

It is a gentle reminder of the capability of women to face and overcome their challenges.

The NFT release translates the iconic statue into the virtual world.  A new frontier for women’s empowerment. That is why we love this project.


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