Artist Saint Von, Trust Me Vodka collab on Wedripz NFT project

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Where might one find a combination of vodka and art?

In the world of NFTs, of course.

The NFT world has been combining NFTs with fashion, accessories, sports, and even wine. But vodka, art and NFTs are a first.

Wedripz is taking on this one-of-a-kind task. In collaboration with Trust Me Vodka and Artist Saint Von, it has created the first-ever limited NFT art series – on vodka bottles. Trust Me Vodka is a premium brand known for its organic, gluten-free vodka. It is also popular for being creative by providing emerging artists with a unique canvas- vodka bottles.

Saint Von is famous for his graffiti that depicts pop culture characters in his signature style. The limited-edition box and bottles, which come with the NFT purchase, contain two vodka bottles, 750 ml each, featuring Saint Von’s art.

The limited collection (available here) consists of 500 boxes, including 20 one-of-one collections. Users with a one-of-one collection can get a large, hand-painted canvas of the same by Saint Von.

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