Welcome to The KAC Report’s 2022 Remix

Written By Kelly Ann Collins

Back in the 2000s, I had a newsletter.

It was hot. It was trendy. It was delivered via a little thing called email (aka electronic mail lol). LinkedIn existed back then – but, let’s be honest, nobody really knew what it was. We were all too into Friendster and a new thing called Facebook to care about work.

Fast-forward ~17 years and – wow – here I am launching the same newsletter about Web3 on one of the top Web2 social media platforms in the world (surreal!).

If you’re into Bitcoin, other cryptos, NFTs and blockchain, I don’t have to tell you that this past year has best of times, and the worst of times. From phishing scams, rug pulls, downright chaos (I’m looking at you, LUNA) and, now, crypto winter, things are a little, well, kinda the worst. But, they are also kind of the BEST!

The cool kids just finished up NFT.NYC — which basically means that Bored Apes creeped out into real life and threw a party as half of the degens who could make to to NYC got straight-up wasted on yachts, on Manhattan hotel bars, and on some hardcore ETH (haha, just kidding, well, kinda). So that was fun. On the virtual side, Twitter Spaces are poppin’ with projects, the blockchain keeps blockin’, and, despite the fact that SCOTUS just shocked the heck out of us with Roe v Wade, innovative NFT and DAO projects are out there, working hard, fighting the good fights for diversity and inclusion. Equality for all.

Which brings me to the first little tidbit of info that I would like to share: NFT Plazas recently put me on its “Kickass Women” in NFTs and Web3 list. And I was very happy about that. I know when I say this lots of people (read: men) don’t believe me, but it is hard to make in the tech world as a female. And Web3? Forgedddabowdit. There are not too many women in the space and I would like to change that! But, as they say … the change begins with you. So, thank you, NFT Plazas and Ivelina, for this feature. The only way to make our way in the Web3 space is to actually kick ass – and the women who are rockin’ it right now are straight-up renegades.

devCodeCamp also interviewed me recently. I just love everyone there, and the ambitious people who turn to devCodeCamp when looking to develop skills in this Web 2.0 meets Web 3.0 world! Carl Peterson did an excellent job on this piece. In addition to my interview, he also unpacks NFTs, Web3 and crypto for the n00bs out there. It’s great. Thanks, Carl!

This week, I also joined UnicornDAO, which works to redistribute wealth and visibility in order to create equality for women-identified and LGBTQ+ people. Co-founded by Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, and her network of Crypto OGs, artists, builders and allies, I am so impressed with this group, and honored to help UnicornDAO raise funds for women who need access to safe, lifesaving health care. (And, yes, I am talking about abortion procedures.) Approximately 1 million pregnancies end in miscarriage every year in the United States — and many of the women who undergo the miscarriages would die from sepsis if they could not have an abortion procedure to remove the fetus. Nadya and UnicornDAO has raised millions for Ukraine, and now they are determined to help women in the United States. And I applaud that. I am also in awe of their badassery. …

Looking to connect and chat about NFTs and Web3? Join me Sunday with Crypto Tech Women for a chat about … the Metaverse!

That’s it for now! The KAC Report has officially relaunched!

Thanks for tuning in. Catch you on the flip side.



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