Will High Transaction Fees Become History with Spume Token?

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Another blockchain transaction. Another high transaction fee. Enough is enough, right?

There is hope on the way. Spume is launching the ICO of their native $SPUME token on the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange.

But what is Spume? They are an Ethereum blockchain marketplace covering three market areas. That is the real estate market, the NFT art market, and the digital intellectual property licensing market.

The SPUME token will be the native token for conducting transactions on the Spume marketplace. It will also be used to distribute all NFT sale proceeds to the token holders.

Who cares? What does it do for me? Good question. If you have performed a transaction on the blockchain, you have experienced some high transaction fees before. Right?

The SPUME token will automate transactions. Thus, putting aside every intermediary with unreasonable service fees. Instead, they will charge a fixed fee of 2.5^% to enable users to enjoy the lowest transaction fees.

This is a transparent and fully community-driven marketplace. Users can tokenize and trade property with minimal costs for all parties to the transaction.

No intermediaries. No banks. No dishonest businessmen.

Since it’s a DAO, the service fee may change so you should keep an eye on that.

Spume plans on leaving no stone unturned in the cryptocurrency space. We will be watching where they go next with their developments.

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