‘Women We Love’ Partners with Equality Now

Written By Simon Mwebaze

NFTs are making their mark in the crypto world, but female representation has been minimal.

Fortunately, several female-centric NFT organizations have stormed the NFT world with world-class NFTs, collaborations and initiatives to attract more women into NFTs.

Outstanding female-centric NFT organizations such as World of Women, Boss Beauties and Women We Love are attracting more investors due to their growth potential and real-world use. 

Women We Love is set to launch 8,888 female-inspired artworks with extra value for their royalty NFT holders. Royalty holders, going forward, will be entitled to share in a percentage of total secondary market sales from the entire collection. The collection will also include a celebrity-inspired NFT series featuring Beyonce, Michelle Obama and Paris Hilton. 

NFT holders will have full ownership of their NFT IP rights. The IP rights will give them access to any ongoing and future royalties from collaborations with major gaming, retail and merchandise deals.

Additionally, Women We Love has partnered with Equality Now. Equality Now is a charity organisation whose goal is to influence legal and systemic change to address violence and discrimination against women and girls across the globe. 

Women We Love will assist Equality Now by making an annual contribution from a percentage of the sales profits of the collection. 

More so, Women We Love has a great education program attached to the collection called Women With Wallets. NFT holders enjoy access to resources teaching them how to get access to Web 3.0, creating and setting up their wallets and managing their NFT collection most securely. 

To make all this possible, the founder of Women We Love, Michael Turnbull, has a great team behind him. Most of the team has valuable experience from working with other lucrative blockchain companies such as Binance, Wall Street Bets and Coindoo. 

Since 2015, Women We Love has been actively engaged with women empowerment initiatives in Web 3.0. Besides NFTs, they are actively engaged with initiatives in education, gender equality and women empowerment.

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