Zengo, OnJuno Launch ‘Crypto Paychecks’

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Season 1, Episode 7: Zengo and OnJuno Talk Crypto Paychecks - The KAC Rewind

Did you know (almost) anyone can be paid in crypto? Listen to learn more.

Elad Bleistein(@EladBleistein), CMO at Zengo (@ZenGo)
Varun Deshpande (@thebitisian), Co-founder of OnJuno (@OnJunoHQ)
Jack Knutson (@JackKnutsonJr), Head of Business Development and Partnerships at OnJuno

Hosted by:
Kelly Ann Collins (@itskac), CEO at Vult Lab and Partner at Meta Art

Moderated by:
Meta Art (@inthemetaart)

Originally aired February 1, 2022, on Twitter Spaces. For more information about Web3, and to join Kelly Ann Collin’s live shows, be sure to follow along on Twitter via @itskac.

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