Buy a House with Bitcoin? Yes, Please!

Written By Kelly Ann Collins

Dear friends,

Have you hear about the Louisville, Kentucky, home that was recently purchased with Bitcoin, making local – and technophile – history!?!

It was the first real-estate transaction using Bitcoin in the city, and probably the fastest. The property sold for $65,000, took about eight seconds to complete, and it cost only $0.70 in transaction fees, according to a report from The Courier Journal.

“I told the buyer I didn’t know if [using Bitcoin] was possible,” said Ashley Brown, the Homepage Realty agent who was involved in the transaction. “… I wasn’t sure if it was legal.”

The local newspaper reported that the seller of the home suggested he could make the purchase using Bitcoin. Shortly thereafter, Millennial Title Company CEO Chip Ridge worked to make this super-cool use of crypto happen, despite the locals thinking that they were doing something illegal.

“I’m happy that I can help try and bring this technology to the future,” the buyer told The Courier Journal. “There’s so many uses for [Bitcoin], and I think we’re at the very, very early stages of it. It’ll be interesting to see where it goes.”

Someone, get that buyer in a Twitter Space! I just love hearing stories like this.


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