GameStop, Netflix, The Sandbox, Disney, InfiniteWorld launch Web3 projects

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Bull runs seem immemorable right now – but there is no better time to build for the next one than during a bear market.

Companies are not slacking when it comes to creating NFT products and services for their customers. This week alone GameStop, Netflix, The Sandbox, Disney, and InfiniteWorld all had interesting development. 

Let’s dive in.

The NFT marketplace industry is not for the fainthearted. Several, like Coinbase, have found it quite difficult to sustain sales while the likes of OpenSea and Magic Eden have weathered the storm. This Monday, GameStop launched an NFT marketplace that earned more than $3.5 million shining another glimmer of hope. The revenue was generated from its top 50 NFT collections specifically, MetaBoy NFTs, based on Game Boy-themed pixel art.

If you are a fan of Stranger Things, this is the NFT news you have been waiting for. In partnership with Candy Digital, Netflix will release Stranger Things NFT collectibles featuring 17 different characters from Season Four of the Netflix original. The first mint will include 11,111 tokens of your favorite characters Eleven, Dustin, and Max.

Skateboarding is coming to the metaverse through a new Sandbox partnership with Tony Hawk and Autograph. The collaboration will create the largest Metaverse skatepark yet. With the help of Autograph, users will have access to a series of NFTs inspired by Hawk’s career, most iconic skateboards, equipment, and apparel.

Disney’s 2022 Accelerator program has selected six companies. Each of these companies is focused on creating immersive experiences and technologies. The goal is to create new technologies within augmented reality, NFTs and AI. Some of the participants include Polygon, Red 6, FlickPlay, and Obsess.

NFTs have faced concern for their negative environmental impact verification, authentication, and more. InfiniteWorld just launched “NFT Grade” – an application that will provide valuable data and insights on NFTs. Users will have access to NFT information, including energy consumption, smart contract code, storage, and changing physical condition of their real-world assets across multiple blockchains including Ethereum, Hedera, and Polygon.

With moves like these, marketplaces, Metaverses, NFT collections, and the future of Web3 is looking bright. 

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