Get Hugged, Not Rugged with Randi Zuckerberg and Debbie Soon

Written By Aira De Guzman

Wouldn’t it be great if a hub where you can find inspiration – to get going, succeed, meet and assist other women within the NFT space – existed? And where you could maybe even get a hug?

You’re in luck!

Randi Zukerberg and Debbie Soon have created HUG, the inclusiverse, where creators can receive advice, mentorship and empowerment in Web 3.0. 

The initiative started out as groupHUG – “a creator accelerator that offers mentorship from Randi Zuckerberg and a network of industry leaders in technology and the arts.” The first groupHUG cohort is focused on elevating women-led projects (defined as having at least one female co-founder or artist).

Due to an overwhelming response, HUGhub was created – which is a community of collectors and creators that fosters discovery and knowledge sharing around the best NFT projects and visibility for NFT projects while rewarding members for knowledge contributions.

Creators and collectors can join the HUGhub for free, but need a HUG membership pass to access special features, engagement and token-earning opportunities. The pass NFT minting starts in early April. While access to the mint list will be open, priority will be given to existing holders of HUG family NFTs: Boss Beauties, Curious Addys, Women Rise, Sad Girls Bar, Sacred Skulls and WOW Pixies.

Collectors and creators accessing the HUGhub have a lot to look forward to. With a membership pass, you can be part of the OG curator group, enjoy the benefits of the NFT genesis token or accumulate $HUG tokens.

Learn more on the official HUG website and in this Medium post.

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