Loli Police Department: Keeping Peace in the Virtual World

Written By Simon Mwebaze

When a crime goes down in VRChat or someone disturbs the peace, who are you gonna call? 

In 2018, the Loli Police Department (LPD) started a humble journey to rid VRChat – a virtual reality experience platform – of the annoyingly popular Uganda Knuckels’ avatar. The force’s primary purpose was to arrest all users of the avatar in the VR world.

Currently, the LPD force is 11,000 members strong, making it the most prominent police roleplay group in VRChat. They are a fake law enforcement agency on the prowl in the multiple virtual worlds of VRChat.

The LPD gets its name from lolis, the young-looking anime girl avatars, used by members. You can move through the ranks starting as a cadet and moving up to the top ranks. You can rank higher by your activity level in the group tracked by the group’s Discord. 

With more than 20,000 concurrent users accessing the platform at a go, there are plenty of opportunities to stop or cause crime. Yes, the police can be sinister, too, all in good fun, by planting weed in a user’s pocket or through spot checks at “illegal mirrors.” 

Not everyone loves the fun and games in the spot checks and drug busts. More so, with the police violence going on in the US, some users use swear words like “Fuck the Police.” Unfortunately, LPD members are not the moderators of the VR world and cannot make useful changes to stop these issues. 

Despite the challenges, the LPD assists new users by showing them how things work through training. 

Joining the LPD has some real-world benefits, too. Members that have worked with the LPD have been able to land jobs in the real world, for example, in 3-D Design. Additionally, some users have developed soft skills that help them navigate the real world. 

Extra bonus: Some LPD members have turned from shy to sociable through their engagements in the VR world. The LPD enabled them to create better friendships and relationships in the real world. Plus, they have experienced more confidence and boldness in going for their goals whether it is for applications for university grants or job placements.

In the LPD, many participants not only have fun while simulating real-life police experiences in VRChat, but develop work and soft skills. And we love that. 

To learn more, follow LPD on Twitter.

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