Moolah Kicks, Team Whistle Release Female-Focused ‘The Future Is Her’ NFTs

Written By Aira De Guzman

Sports bring people together from across the world irrespective of gender, country, or background. This makes it a fantastic arena for social causes that create impactful change for underrepresented groups like women.

Moolah is a female-focused shoe brand that was founded by Natalie White and launched in May 2021 with its debut sneaker, Moolah 1. Within six months, it had secured its first retail partner, Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Recently, Moolah collaborated with Team Whistle to get its foot into the NFT world while contributing to a charitable cause that celebrates women in sports. The NFT project, “The Future is Her”, is meant to “empower and elevate women in the sports world”. 

The project will include 10 art pieces depicting female athletes in different sports including basketball, football, and beyond. The collection will be minted on the OpenSea platform.

The pieces launched on March 25, 2022,  the same day Moolah Kicks founder, Natalie White, was on an episode of Team Whistle’s “My Hustle” series. The show profiles people who are turning passion into profit via entrepreneurship.

Once you purchase an NFT, you will receive merchandise from both Team Whistle and Moolah including an exclusive collaboration between the two that only project holders can access. Additionally, the buyer who mints the “basketball” NFT will receive a free pair of Moolah sneakers shipped to them. 

Most importantly, proceeds from the NFT drop will be used to purchase shoes for Bronx Storm, a nonprofit AAU youth basketball program.

Besides changing the game for female sports shoes, Moolah Kicks is using the power of Web 3.0 to celebrate the achievements of women in sports. More so, they are not only a female-focused sports brand but an influencer of social change through their charity contributions.

That’s why we love them. 

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