Step App, Universal Studios, Franck Muller, FC Barcelona, OpenSea launch Web3 Projects

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Give me the green light, give me this one night. I am ready to go right now. Cryptocurrencies have seen some green this week which could signal good things coming.

But something that keeps going despite the bear or bull market is Web3 developments. We had a couple this week that you will love. These include Step App, OpenSea, Franck Muller, FC Barcelona, and Universal Studios.

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Working out can be challenging to start and more so, to continue consistently. But what if there was a way you could earn for lifestyle, fitness, and play?

Step App has collaborated with Usain Bolt to make this possible. Together, it is launching a private beta of its fitness metaverse platform. The “move-to-earn” rewards everyday exercise activities to encourage them toward economic freedom.

Real-world artists have entered the metaverse. You can now enjoy shows among thousands of fans without moving a muscle from your seat.

In November 2021, Universal took virtual bands a step further with the launch of KINGSHIP. The band includes four Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs. On July 14, 2022, Universal Studios launched and sold out the virtual band’s entire collection of 5,000 NFTs.

Luxury brands are taking Web3 seriously by the week. Clothing, automotive, and now, watch brands are joining in.

Franck Muller, a renowned Swiss Watchmaker, plans to release a new NFT series. The series of digital and physical luxury watches will be available on the Binance NFT Marketplace. The first collection of the series is the “Mystery by Franck Muller,” available on July 27.

One of the top football clubs in the world has launched its first NFT. While touring the United States, FC Barcelona launched its first NFT showcasing Johan Cruyff’s magnificent goal against Athletico Madrid.

The NFT, “FC Barcelona: In A Way, Immortal”, will be auctioned off in a week.

While other brands are entering the NFT marketplace, OpenSea is making several moves to upgrade and update its features. These include security features, transaction fees, and more. But they are taking an unusual direction this time around.

OpenSea wants a piece of the Solana NFT market. Thus, it has debuted an NFT Solana Launchpad. The first collection on the launchpad, Zoonies, is receiving an underwhelming response.

Web3 seems to have room for everyone. Whether it’s a sports brand, band, lifestyle, or luxury, there is a Web3 audience for it.

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