Meet the Women of Venusverse: Canada’s First Female-Focused Project

Written By Simon Mwebaze

Simply creating NFT collections is no longer enough.

You must create NFT collections that have a social cause.

Fortunately, the NFT world has become more welcoming to women-led projects. Many are taking notes on the success of popular collections – such as World of Women, Crypto Chicks, and Boss

What’s trending now? Women of Venusverse is a new female-led NFT collection by CEO and Co-founder Janelle Chalouhi.

Janelle approached Fatima Gharaibeh, an artist and designer. Fatima would create the pieces representing diversity among women from across the world. The 2,022 collection of generative art on OpenSea is Canada’s first female-led and founded NFT collection.

The number of pieces, 2,022, has a symbolic meaning. The three 2’s total to the number 6 which represents unconditional love, selflessness, and the sixth planet in the solar system, Venus. Finally, the zero represents stars aligning for Venusverse to launch in 2022.

The collection went a step further adding authentication and protection by UREEQA. Buyers have the surety that the collection is legitimate and free from scammers.

Considerately, they will donate 10 percent of proceeds to the CivicAction Leadership Foundation. The donations will go to supporting women in their leadership programs. such as the DiverseCity Fellows and the Emerging Leaders Network.

We are excited about this female-led collection supporting female leadership programs. We will keep our eyes peeled on Women of Venusverse.


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